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Empowering people to get involved in saving our planet.

 I have a family and make a lot of packed lunches!  I felt more and more guilty about how many products and packaging types I was using to ensure that these lunches were varied and interesting. In fact I was buying into it all....not only did most things have a wrapper but it also had a whole lot of sugar and fat as well. Even the carton of juice was loaded. 

From wanting to make simple adjustments to the way we were eating I found not only did I reduce waste, our food was healthier but everything had also started to cost a lot less as well.

The solutions I developed for my family had such a huge impact that I started making these things for my friends and I went from being a greener me to building a green army....and then....GREEN-R.ME was born.

Everything that is available has been carefully researched and has been made with only food certified materials that have limited impact on the environment and will have very long resuable life.

This is not a big industrial factory but  a mum with a sewing machine, lots of ideas and supportive encouraging friends. 

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